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Guide Specs and Instructions For Undergraduate Profile
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Contact Person(s)/Information
Main Body Copy for Profile Page
☐ Logo
Photos (upper & lower)
☐ Top Five Majors
Distinctive Majors/Programs (up to 5)
Majors & Athletics matrices (updated online)
Fast Facts*
Ad (only for those choosing the two-page)
Alumni/Faculty Spotlight Form (optional and with additional fee - limited number available)


ALL contact information for enrollment, marketing, billing, etc. will be as submitted on the registration form.  Contact changes?  It’s important for THE Guide staff to be notified if there are any changes during production months.

THE Guide is not responsible for missed deadlines when updated contact information is not provided.


All participants (prior and new) will need to complete the Components Communication Form.  This form will communicate with us your plans regarding each component of THE Guide.

Any additional individuals that need to receive guide communications may be submitted on this form. 


Submit copy in one of the following options:

  • New copy: Submit Microsoft Word document
    Headline: 7-word count maximum
    Body Copy: 300-word count maximum
  • Minor edits: Submit through annotation on a PDF of last year’s profile page. Last year's profile page can be found on the FTP site at
  • No changes? No further action is needed if noted on components communication form.

Minor copy edits: Once your Profile Page proof is uploaded to your FTP folder by June 3rd, minor edits in Fast Facts along with punctuation edits are an expected part of the process. Other main body copy edits are considered to be “major” and incur additional fees.

Final edits must be submitted by June 13.

Please note: Any significant copy changes after the first proof is received are considered major edits and will incur $300-$500 charge depending on the extent and timing of the changes.


Illustrator EPS (make sure all text is converted to outline or


300 dpi at 100%, CMYK
2.75" x 1.75" space

No changes? No further action is needed if noted on components communication form.


Please make sure to follow ALL RESOLUTION, SIZE and BLEED instructions! Label your photos "upper" or "lower." Thank you!

2 per page, JPG, EPS or TIFF
300 DPI AT 100%, CMYK

photo 1 = 5.625" w x 3.75" h (3.625" + .125 bleed off top of page)
photo 2 = 2.8125" w x 2.3" h (2.175" + .125 bleed off bottom of page)

No changes? No further action is needed if noted on components communication form.


Submit in Microsoft Word document.

No changes? No further action is needed if noted on components communication form.


This component is:

  • The most requested information from students, parents and guidance counselors
  • A great opportunity to market your distinctive program
  • Limited to no more than five majors/programs.

Submit in Microsoft Word document and upload to your FTP file at

No changes? No further action is needed if noted on components communication form.


Please make sure to follow ALL RESOLUTION, SIZE and BLEED instructions! Thank you!


(optional for 2-page participants) Provide digital file--PDF format only
All images 300 dpi @ 100%
Finish size of guide: 8.375" x 10.875"
Finish size with bleed: 8.625" x 11.125"
Non-bleed live area: 7.625" x 10.125"

Bleed amount: .125" on all sides

All components for your profile page must be submitted online as explained in the email acknowledgement you received. If components are sent as attachments to NACCAP, an additional $200 fee will be assessed.

QUESTIONS? For further questions on artwork specifications, please email: guidelayout.



New for THE Guide 2018 -  Average institutional aid package & students receiving aid (%). Please include your most recent data, as published in IPEDS.

1) Upload information in a Word document labeled "Fast 
Facts edits" 


2) Make notations on your profile page e-notations and 
upload to your FTP folder.



Web site:
Admissions phone:
Financial Aid phone:



Institutional control:
School type:
Academic calendar:
Religious affiliation:
School size:
Average class size:
Student-faculty ratio:
Four-year graduation rate:
Freshman retention rate:
Average institutional aid package:
Students receiving aid (%):

Number of registered organizations:


COSTS AND AID (2017-18)

Undergrad in-state tuition (academic year):
Undergrad out-of-state tuition (academic year):
Room and board (academic year):
Average additional fees:
Work-study programs:



Average GPA:
Average ACT score:
Average SAT score:
Essay required:
Interview required:
Application deadline:
Application fee:



Majors, minors, pre-certification, concentrations and athletic information is gathered from your school’s profile on the NACCAP website.

To update your majors and athletics information for THE Guide's matrices, you will need to sign in to your school's master account on the NACCAP website.

  1. Sign in to the master account on the NACCAP site. Contact Cindy if you need assistance.
  2. Click on "Manage Profile."
  3. Click on "Edit Bio."
  4. Scroll down to "Majors Offered" and "Athletic Program" and make any additions, deletions or corrections.
  5. Scroll down the page until you find the listings for "Guide Participants Only" and work through the "Minors," "Concentrations," and "Certifications/Pre-Professional Programs."
  6. Click on "Save Changes" when all of your updates have been made.


All artwork and copy is due by April 10, 2017.  Any component received after April 10, 2017 incurs a $200 late fee.  


Please contact CollegeGuide if you have additional questions.

Here is a link to a short video if you would like to learn more about adding annotations, highlights or comments to a PDF file.


Sample profile page with manual edits

Sample profile page with electronic edits

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