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Board Member Spotlight

Gary Burnett – Married my college sweetheart Dawn July 1990 and live in Corona, CA. with our two boys, Nick (14) and Silas (6).

Children to Young Adult Experience

  • 30 plus years experience with Children, Youth, Teens and Young Adults which includes:
  • 11 Years, so far, in Christian Higher Education Admission
  • 12 years in Parks and Recreation
  • 4 plus years in Boys and Girls Clubs
  • 5 plus years in Youth and Young Adult Ministry leadership.
  • Substitute Teacher, Basic Education Instructor.


  • 2 years in Parks and Recreation
  • 4 years at Boys and Girls Clubs
  • McDonalds Corporation - Management Training Program
  • 1 ½ years at Enterprise Rent a Car
  • 9 years management experience so far at Hope International University.

Other experiences:

Former WR at Northern Arizona University and Cerritos College

Co –President of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Urban Artist, Songwriter and Producer


NACCAP Board Member

I am deeply honored to serve on the NACCAP Board.

I am excited about contributing to the growth of our organization and to develop our professional growth through innovative yet relevant means.

I have always admired those who have selflessly poured into others to develop them professionally.

I love NACCAP and the ability to connect with others who have a similar passion and love for Christ and Higher Education. The camaraderie has been a joy to experience these years of service. I still remember my first NACCAP Conference at Seattle Pacific in 2003. I went alone from Hope but eventually met many new friends. I remember being 1 ½ years in as an Admission Counselor and feeling like I would be the oldest at the BAAP session. I was the 2nd oldest. I learned that you could have a career in Admission and met several veterans of this business. Those who had served for 10, 15 and 20 plus years. I wondered, would I ever do that? Here I am 10 years later.

My Presentation: Discovering – The Narrative

So, this work began in 2002 when I was on the road meeting students and engaging with them and their families. I noticed people doing admission. I noticed people doing college search, inquisition at varying levels. But what I saw was missing was connecting and giving.

I didn’t know it initially or plan it carefully and prudently. It happened to me ...and has evolved into my binders, pieces of paper, coffee shop encounters, hall way seminars, post college fair meetings outside with material waiting alongside for my real meeting to we "Discover.” As we experience the beauty of The Holy Spirit when we’re vulnerable to connect and "Discover” with a family that is and has been looking for answers. Answers beyond the search pieces and all the collateral we have hauled from school to school, fair to fair and airports! When we take off the Admission hat and the professional responsibility of increasing our castles and enlarging our territories and borders to enlarge HIS kingdom, which is our real mission.

It is never convenient and often unrewarding to the natural eye, but always abounding with jubilation and joy in another realm, if you can perceive it! The Kingdom shouts and rejoices while the maintenance man and the student and parent volunteers are putting away the tables and chairs..and there I stand, often wondering when they will get angry and kick us out but yet feeling like The Father is pleased. He has been hearing the secret prayers of His children interceding for the children on loan to them. He has heard their questions and gave someone one of the greatest blessings that we could receive... a gift from Him. A privilege to get to work in a vineyard called Hope International University, how appropriately named, under the leadership of one of the greatest servant leaders in President Dr. John Derry, my distant mentor. A privilege to assist and serve parents "Discover” the unique call of God on the life of these wonderful children.

To know that according to Jeremiah 1:4-5 that BEFORE, you were born in your mother’s womb, He knew, sanctified and ordained you. That HE did not wait until you arrived in High School or college but placed certain gifts and talents inside of you and THEN, sent you into your mother’s womb.

David declares in Psalm 139 that he was fearfully and wonderfully made.

I love to share with students that God has deposited certain gifts and talents in them and that they have been gravitating towards and developing those skills all of their lives. I shared that this "Discovery” and realization may be the secret answer to how to "Discover” their major.

On June 3rd, 2013 I begin my quest to study to show myself approved with this discovery by beginning my Masters in Education at Hope International University. Please pray for me!!

Brief Overview

Step 1

  • Assist students to identify their gifts and talents. Teach them how to select a major that fits their passions and unique skills.
  • Identify the Kingdom benefit and potential major.
  • Give students practical tips on how to select a career that would utilize their specific gift and talent.

Step 2

  • Teach them how to discover a NACCAP Christian University that has their major if unavailable at Hope.
  • Assist them with practical tips on selecting a College

Step 3

  • Teach them scholarship tips and provide resources.
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