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Student Spotlight

Laura Daronatsky

College is all about preparing you for your next step in life and having some fun along the way. After attending public school from kindergarten through 12th grade, I really wanted to own my faith but didn’t feel fully prepared. I chose Biola University because I wanted to learn about the Bible from the best professors and grow my relationship with God in a community that values the same things as me.

My freshman year has been a whirlwind! I found out that coming into a place without your parents and without the comforts of your home is an adjustment that no amount of preparing can actually prepare you for. As a journalism major, I have been really involved in working for my university’s newspaper, the Chimes. I also work on campus as a graphic designer and have been hired to be a RA (Resident Assistant) next fall!

Besides work and homework, I always make time to explore the Los Angeles area and join in on Biola’s community events. From intramural volleyball to dorm events such as Candyland to community events such as Nationball and Midnight Madness, I have had such a blast! My dorm floor has developed some really strong friendships — my floormates are my second family! I think the most beneficial thing I’ve learned in college so far is how to open myself up to these sisters in Christ.

Because my faith is core to who I am, I want it to be core to my education too. I feel really blessed to have chosen a Christian university. Everyone I meet here doesn’t have the same background or experience as me, but we always have some common ground — we love the Lord. I have friends who chose to go to secular universities, and I’m sure they’ll learn a ton and grow in their faith also, but they won’t be doing so in the same context as me. I consider it invaluable that my classes are taught looking through a Christian worldview lens. For example, I have a science professor who recognizes that not all of us like science. However, he reminds us daily that we’re getting to know God better by taking a closer look at the creations He’s made for us. It’s the special, faith-inspired insights like these that make me love my college experience and remember why I’m even going to college — to become equipped to impact the world for the Lord.
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