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NACCAP Outstanding Achievement Award

To provide recognition for an outstanding professional achievement within any aspect of the NACCAP membership

To be chosen annually representing anyone in any region and will be awarded at the annual conference

Anyone from any region may nominate someone for the Outstanding Achievement Award irrespective of the role in which the nominator serves.

1.Current members of the NACCAP Board of Directors are not eligible for consideration.

2.Any member of an admissions/counseling staff can be nominated for the award including assistants, associates, and senior directors or deans, counselors, guidance directors, college counselors, recruiters, visit coordinators, office managers, etc.

1.Nominees must have at least two years of service in the admissions/counseling profession at a NACCAP member institution.

2.Nominees should be considered for contributions made to the profession and NACCAP that would otherwise go unrecognized.

3.Nominations should not be considered based solely on numerical success in achieving goals or years of service in the profession but should be based on making a significant contribution to the profession.


Please submit a request on NACCAP Award Recommendation Form by Tuesday, May 10, 2019.  Questions?  Email

Nominations should be in narrative form of 250 words or less.

Recommendations will be made to the Board of Directors for selection of the person(s) for this award.


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