Virtual Christian College Fairs

NACCAP Virtual Christian College Fairs


NACCAP is hosting a virtual Christian college fair with live events on September 15 and November 5. Virtual college booths will be accessible to students and families in between the live events. 


Register on the NACCAP site.  Instructions on building your booth can be downloaded.  An email with a link to setup your booth will be sent from 

Important:  In order to participate in any portion of this event, registration and booth set up is required by September 1.


Important Dates

August 28 – Registration Deadline.  Please note all booth content is due September 1.

September 1 Booth setup completed.  All content, videos, links and documents need to be submitted through the registration form. 

September 8-9 Internal Booth preview.  Indicated changes will be uploaded the following day. These dates are your only chance to make changes for this event.

September 11 –
Booth will be live to the public.

September 15 –
Virtual event is live 7:00-10:00 PM (EST) 

September 16 – November 4
- Booth will remain visible and accessible to the public. During this time leads will be generated when students click to enter your booth.

November 5 –
Virtual event is live 7:00-10:00 PM (EST)

Review the virtual event features for more information.

Instructions on building your booth can be downloaded.  The more components included the more informative the booth will be to prospective students. However not all components are required.

Building Your Booth

  • Logo & About – Logo file should be max 80 pixels high, 450 pixels wide. Files that do not follow this format will not function properly on the virtual booth page.  A brief introduction about your school (approximately 750 characters).
  • Featured Videos & Secondary Video – Each booth will feature one larger video with up to 4 additional videos. These videos are a great way to welcome students and give them a sense of your campus.  Only URL links to your videos are accepted.
  • Chat Now will allow unlimited number of representatives from your institution to engage in multiple chats.
  • Presentations provide a platform to share live or recorded presentations with students and families.  You can create a schedule of what presentations will be available in your virtual meeting room.
  • Meet Later element will allow students to schedule meetings with your admissions office.  Provide the link for your calendar scheduling tool.
  • Important Links Contact Us and Apply Now links will be included in your booth.
  • Quick Links – Up to 10 links can be included. Recommended links include undergrad majors, net price calculator, distinctive programs, link to athletic site, etc.
  • Learn More Documents – This section of your booth allows students to learn more about your institution.  Provide PDF documents for download.  You can include up to 10 documents. 
  • Filters – Several filters will guide students to find your school based on size, majors offered, campus setting, geographic region, institution type and application type & style.

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