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Frequently Asked Questions 3x5 Session Format
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Will there only be 3x5 presentations?  No, we will have both the traditional format and the 3x5 format.  The 3x5’s are just one sharing/ learning component of the conference.

What should I do if I have more than five minutes of presentation material?
  Consider how you could restructure your material into five-minute segments.  You could present more than one 3x5 session.  Please submit one five-minute presentation and include information about each potential topic.  We will also be making additional support information available to the conference.  The idea is to hear as many unique and new ideas as possible and then be able to follow up with those that are most applicable on an individual basis. 

Will there be specific tracks?
  There will be sessions specifically for the individual audiences, but we are hoping the 3x5’s will be based on topical themes, not audiences. The hope is not to silo people into tracks, but instead to help integrate the audiences so that new dialogue and discussion can develop. 

Can I put together a group of three to tag team a session?
  Yes.  Please have each individual submit their presentation and include your potential group.

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