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Can I get a copy of THE Guide?

Students and parents can order a copy of THE Guide, at a cost of $9.95 for shipping and handling.  View the online digital version of THE Guide.

Churches and high schools can request copies of THE Guide to distribute to students and families.  Please register on the NACCAP website and then place your guide order

When is THE Guide published?

THE Guide to Christian Colleges and Universities is published each year in August.

Where/How is THE Guide distributed?

Each fall and spring 30,000 guides are distributed at the Christian College Fairs. In addition, THE Guide is shipped to member high schools as well as ACSI members and to special area events such as music festivals, youth leadership conferences, etc. NACCAP networks with youth pastors/workers to make them aware of Christian colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

NACCAP receives online requests from parents, pastors, guidance counselors, etc.  One of our member schools has taken THE Guide into public high schools where it has been well received by guidance counselors to add to their resource shelves.  THE Guide encourages each of our participants to use it as a giveaway—at camps, training and leadership events, concerts, etc.—any sponsored events where high school students gather.

THE Guide is digitized on myblueprintstory.com, NACCAP’s student-focused website. The printed page becomes even more effective as each live link allows the user to be linked from your page, spotlight, map or directory page listing to your campus website.

How do I know if our school can be in THE Guide?

THE Guide is published as a collaborative resource by NACCAP. If your college/university is not a member of NACCAP, participation is extended to CCCU, CHEC and ABHE members at an additional cost.

When is the information due in order for our college or university to participate?

Early-bird registration begins January 2.  Information packets are sent to members of NACCAP, ABHE, CCCU and CHEC during the last week of January. Registration to participate in THE Guide and alumni/faculty spotlight forms are due in early March, components are due in early April, and final sign-off is due late-June. 

Specific deadline dates and forms are posted online no later than January 2.

What is the cost to be in THE Guide?

Due to the collaborative nature of THE Guide, rates for this excellent resource are extremely reasonable as compared to other resources.  Please contact collegeguide@naccap.org for information on current rates.

Non-members—Please note there is an additional charge per option.

Graduate members—If both your undergraduate and graduate schools participate, graduate profiles will receive a discount.

How do we make arrangements to be in THE Guide?

Online registration opens January 2.  Early-bird rates are offered during the first three weeks of January.  Promotion materials may be mailed the last week of January to your primary contact person, your president and your marketing department (schools over 500). (Please check naccap.org to make sure your membership information is updated!) E-blasts will also be sent to announce when registration is open.

I completed the registration form. What’s next?

Once NACCAP receives your registration for the one- or two-page profile option and the spotlight registration (if selected), you will receive an email confirmation from collegeguide@naccap.org.  This email will contain the link for the FTP site, your username, and password. All the necessary instructions and specs are online for your convenience. If your current published profile page is already in your folder, you will make electronic notations on that form. NACCAP will then incorporate your changes. You will receive an email notification when your profile page proof has been uploaded to your FTP folder. Once you have proofed your PDF, please complete the sign-off form.

Do we have to have someone design our profile page?

All profile pages are designed by NACCAP. All you have to do is provide the information (fast facts, copy, logo, photos, top five majors, distinctive programs, athletic and majors matrices edits).

I see that there is an option for a second full-page ad. Who designs the second page?

If you choose the two-page option, NACCAP formats the profile page; your college/university provides the print-ready full-page ad per our specs. NACCAP does not design, edit or format the second page ad.

How do I upload information to the FTP site?

After completing your registration, you will receive an email with an FTP link, your username, and password. If you experience technical difficulties, we recommend you try to use a different browser such as Firefox or Safari.  If components are sent to us via email, there will be an additional $300 charge per transmission.

I’m new to this and it’s May 1! It’s probably too late to be in THE Guide!

While our deadlines are deadlines, we understand the nature of enrollment offices. If you are new to this and have missed our deadlines, we understand your dilemma and will try our best to work with you.

For that reason, we have incorporated late registration fees. If you are willing to pay the additional fee as listed on the rate page, and understand the two-page option may be your only option, we are willing to try to include your college/university. Please give our office a call at 888-423-2477 to see if it’s possible to be included in the upcoming edition. Depending on the timing of your inquiry, please understand it may not be possible for us to make an addition due to the design or print timelines.

What does it mean that THE Guide is a “collaborative” resource?

NACCAP’s mission:  NACCAP will be a leading and innovative organization recognized for effectively serving and engaging its members by providing vital professional development and initiatives that champion the cause for Christian education.

NACCAP will celebrate 50 years in 2020! Mutual encouragement and cooperation in initiatives that promote Christian education is the essence of who we are as an organization. THE Guide continues that heritage by giving each of our members a venue to provide meaningful information to students who are seeking God’s direction for their futures.

THE Guide welcomes ideas for future articles and features. Several members write blogs for myblueprintstory.com that have been incorporated into articles in THE Guide. To submit an article for review or to suggest a future topic for an article, please email collegeguide@naccap.org.

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