FAQs - NACCAP Master Account Profile

What is the master account?

Each school has one profile that has access to fair and annual conference registration.  The master account can also make a commitment to THE Guide as well as renew the school's NACCAP membership. 

All of these financial commitments will stay on one profile.  Please keep the primary contact on this profile updated to ensure your school will receive notifications in a timely manner.

Colleges and universities with an undergraduate and graduate/adult learning program will have two separate master account profiles.

How can I update our school's profile information (address, primary contact, majors, minors, etc.)?

Select "manage profile" and then "edit bio".  Your username and password can also be modified in this section.

What fairs did our school register to attend?

Sign into your school's master account.  Select "Manage Profile" and select Invoices to view and/or print the invoices with fair registrations. Choose the option to display "any status" (see image below) for a full list of previous invoices.

How can I print or pay an invoice?

Sign into your school's master account and select "Manage Profile".  Select "Invoicing, Payments & History".  Choose to filter by "any" status.  A list of store orders which include fair registrations, The Guide commitments and annual conference registrations.

To view your membership invoice, select the "Dues" tab and filter by "any" status. 


How do we update our staff listing? Some of these individuals have not worked here for twenty years!

In the school's master account, select "Manage Profile" and then choose Staff.  A listing of staff will be displayed as shown.  To remove the staff please select "suspend this member account" and then select "detach this member account". 

To update a current staff profile, choose "Edit this member's bio".  Name, email, title, phone, etc. can all be easily updated. 

How can we add staff?

Select "Manage Profile" and then choose "Staff".  There is a box titled "Invite New Members".  Enter in the email address for staff to be added to the school's profile and click "send invite". 

Invited staff will receive and email with a link to create their profile.  Once approved the individual will be listed on the school's profile.  They can add their photo, access private pages as well as receive emails regarding NACCAP events and happenings. 

Do we really need to mark all of these Majors/Minors/Concentrations/Pre-Certifications?

Majors and athletics on undergraduate and GAP school profiles are searchable on MyBlueprintStory.com school search.  The school size is determined by your membership.  Students and families can select from five variables (undergrad/graduate, state/providence, school size, majors and athletics) to compile a list of NACCAP member schools that have a match.

Each year we have seen increased traffic on this student- and family-focused site on MyBlueprintStory.com

Majors, minors, concentrations, pre-certifications and athletics indicated on your profile are compiled in the matrix provided in THE Guide to Christian Colleges & Universities publication. Only schools that participate in THE Guide are included in this matrix.

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