THE Guide Steps

  Register Online! 

PLEASE make sure to include the main admissions and marketing contact email addresses. Email is our method of communication.

YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED! If staff changes occur during production months leading up to printing, please email us

  Watch for your confirmation email

Within 48 hours you will receive an email confirming your order. The email contains three important elements:

  1. FTP website link—All information will be uploaded here.
  2.  Username
  3. Password for access to your FTP folder. This folder contains last year’s Profile Page (or sample page for new participants).


  for Prior Participants

Review Profile Page and follow the process for either electronic notations or major revisions.

Electronic notations

SUBMIT the Component Communication Form.

Make e-notations OR handwritten notations. (Examples:
“Keep upper photo;” “Keep lower photo;” “Use same logo;” “Pick up existing main body copy” or “New body copy uploaded.” “Fast Facts numbers have changed as noted on Profile Page.”

HINT: If you are making simple changes then e-comments or manual mark-ups are the way to go.
Simply make notes on last year’s PDF with simple changes for tuition, class size, etc.

REMEMBER: Copy revision must be made by April 1.
In respect of the timeline and volume of this collaborative resource, all body copy should be uploaded as you want it to appear in THE Guide 2021. Word, sentence or paragraph edits after April 1 upload deadline incur edit/revision charges.

Sentence changes, long phrase edits, paragraph/sentence swaps, etc. made AFTER THIS POINT will incur additional fees of up to $300.

Major revisions

Main body copy changes, new logo, new photos?

SUBMIT the Component Communication Form.

Follow SPECS & please name the file clearly when uploading to FTP!

Example: “New Upper photo for Profile Page 2020;” “New copy for Profile Page 2020;” “New Fast Facts copy 2020;” etc.

  for New Participants 


SUBMIT the Component Communication Form.

ALL COMPONENTS need to be uploaded to your FTP file.

ALL COMPONENTS are listed in the checklist on the SPECS (undergrad or graduate) page.

REMEMBER: THE Guide formats the Profile Page—you only need to include the requested components—we do the rest! Please DO NOT format or embed photos in copy. All photos must have a separate file.

HINT: We are more than happy to talk through the process since there are many components that need to be assembled for first-time participants. (Next year, the process just involves updating information, photos, etc.)

REMEMBER: Choosing the two-page option? THE Guide does NOT format the full-page ad. Please follow SPECS and make sure to include bleeds as specified!

THE Guide will not be held responsible for artwork that does not meet SPECS. 

TIP: Remember to refer to the SPECS (undergrad or graduate) when providing new photos, logos, body copy, etc.  Verify that your photos are the correct DPI and are CMYK.

YOUR HELP APPRECIATED! Please make sure all photo files (CMYK) are sent per SPECS (undergrad or graduate) in regards to size and resolution. Two-page participants: Please include bleeds. THE Guide staff spends a great amount of time going back and forth with these two components. Thank you!

  Upload Your Content

Upload your school’s marked up/e-notations previous profile page OR NEW information (brand new Word document, brand new photo, brand new logo, etc. that are clearly labeled) to your FTP folder, using your username and password sent in confirmation email.
       FOR EXAMPLE< NEW COPY to be inserted >


Remember:  Please review copy for accuracy prior to FTP upload.  After April 1, copy and image edits or swaps will incur charges.

  Fast Facts

To submit your most recent data: 1) Upload your Fast Facts Word document labeled "Fast Facts" or "Fast Facts with edits" OR 2) Make e-notations on your most recent profile page and upload to your FTP folder.

Fast Facts Word DocumentUndergraduate
Fast Facts Word DocumentGraduate

  Matrices Information

Athletic and Major Matrices information is gathered from the information your school completed online. To view your current list, go to—you must log into the master account to make changes. Any changes after June 11 will not be incorporated in the matrix.

For questions about gathering information or updating the matrices, please refer to the SPECS or CALL 888-423-2477 with questions about this update process!

  Profile Page Proof Review

Watch for email notification* that your Profile Page proof has been uploaded to the FTP site.

Proofs will be uploaded by June 4th. 

CAREFULLY review the Profile Page proof and Proof for the full-page ad (if choosing the 2-page option).

  Complete Sign-off Form

Carefully review your profile page PDF and complete the sign-off form.  If minor corrections (typos or tuition updates) are necessary, these should also be submitted on the sign-off form by June 11. NACCAP incorporates your edits June 11-24. Communication of corrections is via e-notes or manual comments on your PDF which is re-uploaded to the FTP site.

  • Minor corrections (typos, tuition) requested after June 11 will incur a minimum $300 edit fee.
  • Edits or image swaps range from $300-$500.

REMEMBER:  Any copy and image edits or swaps after April 1 will incur $200-$500 additional charges.

A FINAL PROOF and SIGN-OFF FORM must be submitted by June 25, 2020.

Making Edits?  Once you have communicated necessary edits via the Proof and Sign-off Form, a final proof will be uploaded.

  • Sign-off is expected when these edits are accurately incorporated.
  • If additional changes are made after the second and final proof is uploaded, additional charges may be incurred.
  • Once sign-off is complete, NACCAP will not be held responsible for incorrect information or graphics that do not meet SPECS—please review carefully!

REMEMBER: THE Guide is not responsible for edits that are not communicated on this form. While we love it when you call to ask questions and to clarify instructions, we MUST also have clear instructions on this form, whether you are making small or major edits.

HINT: Each round of edits must be communicated via the sign-off form UNTIL FINAL SIGN-OFF is completed. A FINAL SIGN-OFF FORM must be submitted by June 25, 2020.

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