NACCAP Statement of Membership Principles
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Throughout our history, NACCAP has been committed first and foremost to serving the needs of our members. NACCAP has always maintained a commitment to its membership principles while pursuing Christ-centered excellence in all that we do to further the cause of helping students seek quality educational opportunities that are honoring to the Lord. In a very practical way we have endeavored to celebrate our commonalities and set aside our differences to advance the cause of the common vision we share as an active body of Christian schools that embrace the furtherance of education in a Christ focused context.


As a Coalition of Christ-centered colleges and universities as well as Christian secondary schools, graduate schools and seminaries, NACCAP has remained true to the advancement of Christian education at all levels of education, with specific emphasis on enrollment efforts, counseling and related strategies. NACCAP has never adopted specific creedal or doctrinal tests for its members and associates other than adherence to our tenets of membership including:

1. Integration of faith and learning

2. Affirmation of doctrinal statements

3. Adherence to the Statement of the Principles of Good Practice (SPGP)

4. A requirement of hiring full-time faculty and administrative staff that acknowledge a Christian commitment.


NACCAP has always maintained high standards and is committed to fostering collaboration between Christ-centered institutions to provide professional development, training and support for the fulfillment of our members’ missions and the meeting of enrollment objectives.  


The Coalition has been and remains dedicated to the advancement of Christian higher education that is aligned with the historic Christian faith. This compels us to be mindful of those things that may cause division within our body of members. We take our membership practices seriously and value meaningful discussion on the matters that join us together.

NACCAP will continue to review matters that seek to undermine the tenets of membership both prayerfully and carefully as we endeavor to meet the needs of all of our members and fervently

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