Peer-2-Peer Advisor Program
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NACCAP's Peer-2-Peer Advisor Program matches experienced, respected peers within NACCAP with enrollment operations to provide individualized, trusted, easily accessible and cost-effective counsel to help professionals become more successful in achieving their goals in targeted areas of concern. .


These advisors have many years of expertise; they will listen, process, challenge and strategize implementation for targeted areas of concern. Advisors are arranged on an individual basis to provide objective third-party ideas in evaluating your system and needs.  Each region is equipped with a team of peer consultants from which to choose. Contact the NACCAP Office for more information.


There are six tiers in this program as listed below.  The coordinator of Peer-2-Peer will provide initial counsel and will assist each request with a peer advisor in the way that makes the most sense for each particular situation.

  • Tier 1 – Swift Counsel - A brief 30-minute phone conversation with the coordinator of Peer-2- Peer
  • Tier 2 – Extended Phone/E-mail - An extended conversation by phone and e-mail over a prescribed period of hours and/or days
  • Tier 3 – Shadow a Peer - A one- to two-day visit to the home campus of an experienced peer advisor
  • Tier 4 – On-site Visit from Peer Advisors - On-the-spot interactive advising as well as a brief written overview of their findings and recommendations
  • Tier 5 – Panel of Advisors - An on-site visit from a team of three to five of NACCAP’s experienced peer advisors who will provide a two-day broad overview
  • Tier 6 – Customized Peer Counseling - An extended engagement with one or more experienced peer advisors



To initiate a conversation with NACCAP's Peer-2-Peer coordinator, please submit your inquiry online.


If you are interested in serving as an advisor, please contact NACCAP Office for more information.


NACCAP has a strong tradition of nurturing among its members a dedication to a shared vision for Christian higher education as one of the key “tools” in God’s hands to shape our culture toward a Christian view of the world. By engendering a spirit of fellowship, sharing, and mutual trust, this unique organization has seen significant success over several decades as a catalyst for the development and networking of Christian admissions professionals.

Through collective efforts, NACCAP’s strength in collaboration has helped to:

  • Raise awareness of Christian colleges and universities.
  • Clarify the many unique “brands” within the world of Christian higher education.
  • Positively impact enrollments among Christ-centered colleges and universities.

While NACCAP’s annual conference and various workshops consistently provide excellent opportunities for learning, gaining knowledge and sharpening skills, as well as networking with fellow admissions professionals, Peer-2-Peer is designed to make NACCAP even more intentional about connecting good people with good people and finding exceptional results for individual members, their respective institutions, and God’s Kingdom.

The Value of Peer-2-Peer

"I applaud NACCAP for providing Peer-2-Peer Advising.  The value of having a respected peer come alongside you with fresh eyes to equip you with new approaches to challenges such as enrollment growth, assessment, etc. has been needed for a long time with Christian colleges. The real benefit of this service is being assured that someone can readily identify with your unique institutional challenges and provide specific feedback, affirmation and advice to assist you in moving forward in your institutional initiatives.” ~ Gina Berquist, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Multnomah University, Portland, OR

“As an entrepreneur and owner/operator, I experienced first-hand the benefits of peer groups  sharing successes and failures, discussing new ideas, and hearing relevant feedback from colleagues who are in the "thick of it" just like me. As a new director of admissions, I welcomed the opportunity to learn from our industry's veterans. This experience helped me "connect the dots" to envision my role in enrollment as not just a manager of numbers, but as an integral member of partnerships across departments that collectively fulfill the mission of our college.”
~ Joshua Hood, Vice President of Enrollment Management,  Bluefield College, Bluefield, VA


Peer-2-Peer Video overviews the program

The Peer-2-Peer Advisor Program is intended to individually connect those NACCAP members who are seeking help or advice with admissions professionals that have many years of expertise and who will listen, process, challenge and strategize implementation in specific areas.

For more information about NACCAP’s Peer-2-Peer Advisor Program, please email or call 888-423-2477.

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