Peer-2-Peer Advising Tiers
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Swift Advising

Free of charge to NACCAP members

A brief 30-minute phone conversation with the coordinator
of Peer-2-Peer
NACCAP’s Peer-2-Peer coordinator is skilled at asking
the right questions that provide an initial level of
immediate support.
Less complex questions and problems can often gain
satisfactory input swiftly in a relatively short conversation
with an experienced peer advisor.
If it is mutually agreed that further counsel is in order,
the coordinator will facilitate a plan for access to one or
more of our panel of experienced peer advisors, utilizing
Tiers 2-6.

Extended Phone/E-mail Conversation

Specified fee per engagement

An extended conversation by phone and e-mail over a
prescribed period of hours and/or days
Coordinator will:

  1. Clarify the specific needs of the caller.
  2. Select an experienced peer advisor.
  3. Facilitate phone and/or e-mail conversations.

Parameters will be established to limit the amount of time committed by the peer advisor for each engagement.



Shadow a Peer

Specified per diem fee plus travel expenses

A one- to two-day visit to the home campus of an experienced peer advisor
Coordinator will:

  1. Outline the specific goals of the visit.
  2. Facilitate the set-up of the visit.
  3. Communicate between the host and the visiting peer.
Advisee will visit a member school’s campus for up to two days to shadow one of NACCAP’s experienced peer

On-site Visit from Peer Advisors

Specified fee plus travel expenses

On-the-spot interactive advising as well as a brief written
overview of advisors’ findings and recommendations
Coordinator will:

  1. Clarify goals and the specific objectives of the site visit.
  2. Identify two experienced peer advisors who are willing
    and prepared to visit your campus to provide more extensive counsel and advice.
On-site visits will provide a team of two of NACCAP’s
experienced peer advisors for two days.
Visit will be set up as a broad overview of your
admissions practices or as a focused examination of one or more specific practices or particular problem areas.



Panel of Advisors

Specified fee plus travel expenses

An on-site visit from a team of three to five of NACCAP’s
experienced peer advisors
A “panel of advisors” made up of your peers will provide
a two-day broad overview of admissions and recruitment
practices at your institution.
Tier 5 offers a variety of viewpoints and
The panel brings a breadth of perspectives on a broad
array of practices.
Inviting a panel of advisors with varying assignments for
specific aspects of admissions practices allows for more
comprehensive assessment.
Deliverables include both personal, on-the-spot,
interactive feedback as well as a brief written report from
each panelist, outlining their respective observations and

Customized Peer Advising

Advising fee negotiated with selected experienced peer advisor(s)

An extended advanced engagement with one or more
experienced peer advisors
Tier 6 is arranged only after initially experiencing one or
more of Tiers 2-5.
NACCAP’s Peer-2-Peer coordinator will help negotiate
a customized plan to fulfill a specific goal or need over a
specified length of time.
Fees for Tier 6 are negotiated with selected experienced
peer advisor(s)

For more information about NACCAP’s Peer-2-Peer Advisor Program, please email or call 888-423-2477.

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