Member Benefits

Annual National Conference

The conference provides professional development, spiritual encouragement and an opportunity to develop peer relationships. Usually held in late May or early June, this three-day event is held on a NACCAP member college campus. These conferences are a cornerstone of NACCAP and they are consistently viewed as a highlight of NACCAP membership.

The Statement of Principles of Good Practice

NACCAP desires to serve the interests and concerns of member institutions and students seeking admission into Christian colleges, universities, graduate school and seminaries by providing a statement and system of professional accountability and recruitment standards.

The Christian University and College Fairs (CUCF)

NACCAP created and sponsors the Christian College Fairs. The fairs are a service to students that are considering enrollment in Christian Colleges. NACCAP hosts over 100 Christian University and College Fairs nationwide each fall.


Our student-focused website, myblueprintstory, provides information about upcoming Christian college & university fairs, a free college search function displaying NACCAP member schools, financial aid resources along with other helpful information for prospective students.  The website is also a great resource for college representatives who are attending the fairs.  NACCAP provides a free mobile app to all of our member schools providing detailed information for upcoming college & university fairs.

Enrollment Surveys

Three times per year, NACCAP enrollment surveys will give you detailed information on applicants, acceptances, and deposits at other NACCAP member schools that participate.

Peer Consulting Services

Peer consulting is arranged on an individual basis to bring a colleague from another member institution to your campus at a relatively low cost to provide you with some objective third-party ideas in evaluating your admissions system and needs. Each region is equipped with a pool of peer consultants from which to choose. Contact the NACCAP Office for more information.

NACCAP Website

This is a service to prospective students, our membership and casual visitors. Some of the key features are links to each of our member schools, information on the Christian University and College Fairs, detailed information on our Annual Conference, a Recent News section for updates of news from around the membership and a "Career Opportunities” page that lists current job openings at NACCAP member institutions. There are additional features specifically designed to meet the needs of our prospective student and member visitors. The website is a clearinghouse for information related to Christian higher education.


Various lists have been provided for the entire membership to conduct membership related communication. Various lists include: CEO’s, Campus Visit Coordinators, and New Admissions Counselors. There are 12 lists total; to become part of any or all of these e-lists, contact NACCAP headquarters for more information.

NACCAP International Tours

Each fall, NACCAP and ASCI team together to host an international tour to various countries throughout the world. Currently there are tours that occur in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. These tours are limited to a number of institutions and usually last 2-3 weeks and are more cost effective to other tours that are offered. Visit the International Tours page for future tours and more information, or contact Jodi Fiedler at NACCAP headquarters.

Regional Conferences

Throughout the year NACCAP provides smaller regional conferences for members and non-members to attend. These usually target a specific group of people such as High School Guidance Counselors, Local Fair Coordinators, as well as neighboring institutions.


Though our organization is still growing, fellowship with others in the membership is one of the most important aspects of being apart of NACCAP. The individuals you will meet at college fairs, at the national conference and at other NACCAP functions can become great resources for peer counseling, mentoring and friendship.

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